Legian Nightlife

Bacio: Luxury nightlife in Bali

In recent years, some smart people have realized, that not everyone wants a bamboo bar and a Balinese reggae band, for late night entertainment. They also realized, that the fancier you make a place, the more people will be willing to pay for food and drinks.

Bali nightlife for Christmas and New Years by the Beat Magazine

Here is the rundown of upcoming nightlife events in Bali, over Christmas and New Years, provided by the Beat Magazine.

Bali nightlife: Saturday November 18th 2006

Here’s the rundown of nightlife events for the next couple of weeks, provided by the Beat Magazine.

Places to see live music in Bali

Live music is where its at for me, and Bali has some venues that make an effort to promote live music.

Chill Out spots in Bali

Chill out spots are places where you can sit back, take it easy and enjoy a mixed drink, or whatever is your pleasure.

Bali Nightlife scene in Seminyak / Kuta

The nightlife scene in Bali is a worked of its own. To fully have a handle on it you’d need a fulltime staff, that’s why I asked the Beat Magazine to let me post their bi-weekly Update.

Bali nightlife update provided by the Beat Magazine

Here is the rundown of upcoming nightlife events in Bali provided by the Beat Magazine.

Travelling as an Aussie in Bali

Australians really were ones who drove the tourist boom in Bali, with surfers arriving in the 1970’s followed by waves of package tourists. Kuta Beach was, and still is the epicenter of the Australian tourist scene in Bali, with Tuban to the south and Legian to the north also being […]

How Legian has changed since 1993

On my first trip to Bali in 1993 I ran into and American friend who had been coming to Bali for a few years. Jumping on his motorbike I got to see a bit of the expat scene back then, not just the Kuta bar scene.

Puri Etnik offering deals in Legian Bali

Puri Etnik is a budget hotel in Legian. Situated between Jl. Melasti and Jl. Benesari, Puri Etnik is just 70 meters from the beach. Rooms are $99 per person for a 10day package including breakfast.