Kuta Nightlife

Nightlife in Kuta Beach

The nightlife in Kuta Beach, the the party capital of Bali, usually gets cranking well after dark. Here you will find plenty of music, festivities, partying, dancing, and action! The limitless number of bars, clubs and discos in Kuta mean you’ll be able to party to the early morning if […]

New Year’s nightlife in Bali

New Years in approaching here in Bali and there are plenty of things going on. Here’s a recap of events provided by the Beat Magazine.

Bali nightlife for Christmas and New Years by the Beat Magazine

Here is the rundown of upcoming nightlife events in Bali, over Christmas and New Years, provided by the Beat Magazine.

MBarGo nightclub in Kuta Bali

MBarGo is the best nightclub in Kuta. Located across the street from the old Sari Club, this modern joint offers a dance floor, large bar area and lounge bar. Usually its is rocking and a favourite with Aussie tourists.

Bali nightlife: Saturday November 18th 2006

Here’s the rundown of nightlife events for the next couple of weeks, provided by the Beat Magazine.

Places to see live music in Bali

Live music is where its at for me, and Bali has some venues that make an effort to promote live music.

Chill Out spots in Bali

Chill out spots are places where you can sit back, take it easy and enjoy a mixed drink, or whatever is your pleasure.

Interview with Dallas Finn – the Gay scene in Bali

Bali is a destination that attracts people from all over the world. Seminyak has a growing gay scene and Dallas Finn gave me an insight to it this afternoon.

Bali Nightlife scene in Seminyak / Kuta

The nightlife scene in Bali is a worked of its own. To fully have a handle on it you’d need a fulltime staff, that’s why I asked the Beat Magazine to let me post their bi-weekly Update.

Bali nightlife update provided by the Beat Magazine

Here is the rundown of upcoming nightlife events in Bali provided by the Beat Magazine.