Jl. Oberoi

StreetLife in Seminyak Bali

A year ago I stopped into StreetLife, a bar on Jl. Oberoi, and chatted with owner Luca, from Belgium. This afternoon I went back to see how he’s doing. Luca is a man of action, and is currently splitting his time between Bali and Shanghai, a place he refers to […]

Bali Nightlife scene in Seminyak / Kuta

The nightlife scene in Bali is a worked of its own. To fully have a handle on it you’d need a fulltime staff, that’s why I asked the Beat Magazine to let me post their bi-weekly Update.

The gangs behind Jl. Seminyak Bali

My house sits down a small gang (alley) in Seminyak. Its the kind of place you would never know existed unless you’d been there. Although I feel I’m at the end of the alley, there are actually a few ways out to a main street. Its kind of cool and […]

Indonesian furniture set to take of in India

Indonesian made furniture is set to take India by storm. The reasons for this are the selection of materials used from teak, bamboo, rattan and others. The second reason is Indonesia has a wealth of skilled carpenters and craftsmen (and women).

Rumours restaurant Seminyak

Just returned from Rumours restaurant in Seminyak after a great dinner. Rumours is located on Jl. Oberoi close to Trattoria and gained a reputation as a bargain place for western food. Prices have risen, but its sill good.

Wrap A Snapper: Fish & Chips in Seminyak Bali

Monday lunch for me was fish & chips at a place I recently discovered in Seminyak. ‘Wrap A Snapper’ is located on Jl. Oberoi about 50 meter in from Jl. Seminyak around the first bend. I used to live on Jl. Drupadi and have passed this place many times. For […]

Stroganoff at Rumours: Seminyak Bali

Coming home from Global internet in Kerobokan I was thinking what to have for dinner. Not wanting rice, I chose a place that doesn’t serve rice, Rumours on Jl. Oberoi. Parking across the street I saw the lot was full, strange because I was not expecting too many people to […]

The Half Moon: Jl. Oberoi in Seminyak Bali

Jl. Oberoi / Jl. Petitenget has a selection of good places to eat. Most of the fancy looking places I bypass on my way to the nasi padang joints. Last night I stopped into one called the Half Moon. Not knowing what to expect I stepped through an entrance way […]

Interview with Luca from Street Life Bali in Seminyak

Eat street in Seminyak as it is sometimes called is also known as Jl. Oberoi (as well as Jl. Laksmana). If you want good food come down here. I don’t get out at night much any more and places open up without me realizing. One of those places was Street […]