jl. double six

On my first trip to Bali in 1993 I ran into and American friend who had been coming to Bali for a few years. Jumping on his motorbike I got to see a bit of the expat scene back then, not just the Kuta bar scene.

How Legian has changed since 1993

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be in Bali later tonight. At the moment he is in Jakarta and will attend Friday prayers at the Grand Mosque in Jakarta, before flying out. President Ahmadinejad told Indonesian Muslim leaders, that Iran wants to live in peace, and will use nuclear power for […]

Iranian leader coming our way tonight

Friday morning I walked down Jl. Seminyak and saw the street was busy with locals and tourists. Cafe Seminyak and Bintang supermarket were doing a roaring trade and its feels like just the other night everything was closing up. The weather here has been cloudy and blustery. I know Nyepi […]

Day after Nyepi in Seminyak Bali

Wednesday night around 8pm I got a message from Ika who was out on Jl. Seminyak with Jevon and her sister Ningrum. ‘Ogoh ogoh about to move’ was the message, and it meant the giant monsters set upon bamboo supports were about to be carried up and down the street. […]

Taking Jevon to see Ogoh Ogoh in Seminyak Bali

Wednesday afternoon I rode down to Blue Ocean beach at the end of Jl. Double Six for my last workout before being house bound for 24 hours. Blue Ocean beach was only partially busy due to the weather which was bright and cloudy, not exactly beach weather. In late afternoon […]

Seminyak getting ready for Nyepi