Jl. Dhyana Pura

Lucky Day Restaurant in Seminyak Bali

Lucky Day restaurant in located on Jl. Dhyana Pura, about 150 meters in from Jl. Seminyak. Last night Toby, Maya, Ollie and Asia went for dinner. Lucky Day is one of those places that makes an effort all round. Inside the place is a selection of seating options from 2 […]

Puri Cendana Hotel Seminyak Bali

My friend Toby from Oregon is visiting soon, with his young daughter. Man is he in for a shock! Extremely hot and humid right now, and just eating today, I was sweating profusely. Lucky are the local people who work in an AC environment.

Seminyak nightlife never dull

Indonesians are so nice and friendly, even on Thanksgiving night (thursday), when the rest of the island is at home, waiting for the weekend, they come out to entertain.

Bali nightlife: Saturday November 18th 2006

Here’s the rundown of nightlife events for the next couple of weeks, provided by the Beat Magazine.

Evening entertainment at Galaxy in Seminyak Bali

Walking back from an internet cafe on Jl. Dhyana Pura last night, I realised it was thursday night, meaning sparks would fly at Galaxy.

Evening in Seminyak Bali

Here in Seminyak, sitting in an empty internet cafe on Jl. Dhyana Pura, I’m ready to go home. The time is 9.50pm, and sexy dancers are due at Galaxy at 11.30pm, but I just don’t have the stamina to stay awake that long, (what would I do if I ever […]

Bali Nightlife scene in Seminyak / Kuta

The nightlife scene in Bali is a worked of its own. To fully have a handle on it you’d need a fulltime staff, that’s why I asked the Beat Magazine to let me post their bi-weekly Update.

Krakatoa Business Center – Seminyak Bali: New arrival’s one stop shop

New expats in Bali have to spend time shorting themselves out. Chores such as finding a place to live, getting transport, organizing a visa, getting your mail, recieving a FAX, looking for a job, etc, can take time and effort. Krakatoa Business Center is one place that helps new expats […]

Life’s little frustrations in Seminyak Bali

After getting all hot and bothered by my visa situation, I put on my Akubra hat and went for a walk. During my walk, I reflected that the same ‘dropping it in your lap’ treatment, had happened to some members of the Bali Nine, only they weren’t denied a visa […]