Garuda Indonesia

Budget airline carriers seem to be coming as going as the sun goes down and rises. In an article I recently wrote about airlines to use for getting to Bali from Australia, I mentioned that Strategic Air would be a great airline to use. For those who have already flown […]

Strategic Airlines Flies to Bali No More

Australia is geographically located ideally in South-east Asia for travellers wishing to go to Bali. Out of all the cities in Australia, Perth is closest next to Darwin. In fact a majority of Australians holidaying in Bali seem to come from Perth. This is mainly due to its location and […]

Getting to Bali from Australia

With tourism in Bali on the increase with no signs of it slowing down but getting better, it is only natural that other airlines other than the established ones tap into the market and offer their services. The latest to jump-on-the-bandwagon is AirAsia. This is good news for Bali-ites because […]

AirAsia to Start Flights to Bali from Perth

It has been a long time coming but at last, the tourist arrivals in Bali has surpassed all expectations. All year up until now, there has been record-breaking tourist arrivals and, it is expected that maybe, just maybe, Bali will crack the two million tourist arrivals on the island. This […]

Tourism Booming in Bali