Strategic Airlines Flies to Bali No More

Budget airline carriers seem to be coming as going as the sun goes down and rises. In an article I recently wrote about airlines to use for getting to Bali from Australia, I mentioned that Strategic Air would be a great airline to use. For those who have already flown […]

Pacific Blue to Start Direct Flights from Adelaide

Bali is buzzing at the moment with tourist numbers at an all-time high and a lot of those tourists are Australians. This is basically due to the high Australian dollar on foreign exchange and of course the tremendous value-for-money holiday packages available from all airlines travelling to the paradise island. […]

Getting to Bali from Australia

Australia is geographically located ideally in South-east Asia for travellers wishing to go to Bali. Out of all the cities in Australia, Perth is closest next to Darwin. In fact a majority of Australians holidaying in Bali seem to come from Perth. This is mainly due to its location and […]

Indonesia going all out for foreign investment

Indonesia is going all out for foreign investment, and its not only President SBY who is jetting around the world, trying to flog nasi goreng. Indonesia’s Trade Minister, Australian bred Dr. Mari Pangestu, was in Canberra today talking up the benefits of dealing with Indonesia. One of her key points, […]