Tea Time at Cafe Moka in Seminyak

You know that feeling you get some afternoons, you’ve had lunch, grilled fish & rice with a piece of cucumber. Its good, but you need that dairy fix. This afternoon I had that feeling and stopped into Cafe Moka Seminyak, a place I haven’t been for ages. The staff all said hello and asked me ‘Baru Datang?'(just arrived?). They said it was quiet without me, which was nice.

Looking at the menu I saw that Cafe Moka has a section of the menu called ‘Tea Time’. It features Pastries, Cakes, Home Made Ice Cream, Tea and Coffee. I choose a mini pastry for 6,000rp and a banana lassi for 14,000rp. The pastry was about 3 inches in diameter, with white icing and filled with a delicious creamy filling.

The list of Pastries is extensive:
Mini pastries – 6,000
Almond pear tart – 20,000
Apple pie – 15,000
Black forest – 19,000
Chocolate tart – 15,000
Eclair – 9,000
Choux – 6,000
Flamboyant – 19,000
Ganache – 13,000
Grappe tarte – 15,000
Lemon cheese cake – 16,000
Millefeuille – 13,000
Fruit millefeuille – 17,000
Chocolate mousse – 19,000
Opera – 19,000
Pink forest – 18,000
Raspberry mousse – 20,000
Souris – 7,000
Strawberry tarte – 19,000
Tarte tatin – 16,000
Tete de negre – 17,000
Tiramisu – 19,000
Tropezienne – 15,000
Truffles – 4,000




Don’t me that in amongst that lot there’s nothing you want! Would be nice to visit Cafe Moka every afternoon and go through the list.

Cafe Moka
Jl. Seminyak
(up from Jl.Dhyana Pura)
Open daily 7am-10pm.