Wrap A Snapper: Fish & Chips in Seminyak Bali

Monday lunch for me was fish & chips at a place I recently discovered in Seminyak. ‘Wrap A Snapper’ is located on Jl. Oberoi about 50 meter in from Jl. Seminyak around the first bend. I used to live on Jl. Drupadi and have passed this place many times. For some reason, maybe the climate, I didn’t fancy fish & chips. Recently I tried it on a whim and found it to be great. The place is foreign owned and serves up a huge portion of fish & chips for 30,000rp. Believe me if you finish one of these there is no room left or dessert.

The place was empty when I showed up apart from the 3 friendly staff. Manager Wayan gave me his card. Wrap A Snapper has comfortable chairs, relaxing decor and sells a range of drinks form wine to Storm beer. As well as the standard fish & chip shop options, the menu features Soups & Salads including Calamari Salad (20,000rp), Pastas including Carbonara (20,000rp), Sandwiches / Burgers including Cajun style fish burger (20,000rp), Beef & Reef including Chicken Schnitzel (35,000rp), Platter 30,000rp, Get Battered Snacks including Eggplant Chips (7,000rp), Dessert including Banana Split (15,000rp).

When I was getting ready to pay I looked into the kitchen and saw the staff preparing a large tray of offerings. She scooped freshly made rice onto a few of them and organized them When I was a kid they used to serve up fish & chips this size, not any more. It was a major surprise to me to find somewhere that still did. You might try Wrap A Snapper if you are staying in Seminyak.




Wrap A Snapper
Jl. Laksmana 12 (Oberoi)
(0361) 7449132


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  • Donna Fowler

    I’ve been there too and loved it. They have great juices as well and you can just sit there and watch the world go by. Hope its still there when I go back next week!! Last time I arrived back in Bali looking forward to going to my favorite place OD’s in Seminyak only to find it shut!! The cocktails where great there. So many cocktails so short a life!

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