Volcano Gunung Agung

The biggest volcano in Bali is Gunung Agung (Mt. Agung), which is located in the district of Karangasem in East Bali. You can see Gunung Agung from all over the island on a clear day and scuba divers often use it as a reference point, when out in the water. Gunung Agung is also the holiest place in Bali, with Besakih, the ‘mother temple’, on the SW slope.

There are 2 established trekking routes to get to the summit. The first is from Pura Besakih, meaning a 25 hour drive from Kuta, and a long climb lasting several hours to get to the summit by dawn. This route gets you to the highest point on the crater rim. Guides are available at the base and charge anywhere from $50 for a group of 5 upwards.

From Pura Pasar Agung on the southern slope you can hike without a guide, but there are a few guys hanging out just in case. The climb is a straight shot up a 40 degree slope. No bends or switch backs.




Climbing Gunung Agung is very hard on the knees. Don’t try this in the wet season (Nov-Mar). If you do climb Gunung Agung bring 4-5 liters of water per person and food.


7 thoughts on “Volcano Gunung Agung

  • Marc

    Did you mean for it to be 2.5 hours? 25 hours seems really excessive unlessyou are driving from Jakarta and taking a ferry over.

  • RICH

    The village of Sidemen is a good base for a climb. You can also drive a good way up Agung–the road stops at a temple and sarongs can be borrowed for a small fee (say RP5000). From the temple you can see 3 sides of the island, and get an idea of how small the place actually is.

  • Gunnar

    I climbed holy G.Agung in April 2006.
    It was an unforgettable experience with a stunning view and a gorgeous sunrise!
    Starting point was Pasar Agung at 2.30 a.m.
    From there you can only reach the second highest point of the volcano (difference is 100m), but the route is shorter and you can do it in 5-7 hours.
    Don’t climb without a guide, it’s definitely to risky!
    I can recommend I WAYAN SUPUTRA, you can contact him at the Blue Water office in Tulamben.
    He’s an English speaking guide with a professional attitude.
    Be adequately equipped (sweater, cap, solid shoes, good torch, at least 3l water, coke, bananas)
    It’s quite fresh at the top (3050m, ca. 5°)
    As a runner and soccer player I’m in a pretty good shape, but I’m not really experienced in trekking, therefore it was quite tough for me and I had muscle pain at the thighs for two days.
    A balinese massage after climbing let you feel in heaven 🙂
    It took me 3 hours to the top and 3 hours back to the temple.
    It’s quite tough, especially when you don’t have much experience.
    You really have to climb some rocks, don’t expect an easy hike!

    Anyway just do it and have fun, you won’t forget this experience!!

  • Eric


    I am thinking of climbing Agung in 2 weeks time. Can anyone advise on the following?
    1. Lodgings near Agung
    2. Driving to Agung
    3. Guides contacts

    Really appreciate some advice on the above. Thank you in adavance! I can be reached at airraid77@yahoo.com.sg

    Regards, Eric

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