Nasi campur stand in Seminyak Bali

There is a vast array of food here in Bali from all over the world and if you try you can spend a lot of money.

The good restaurants in my neighborhood, Ku De Ta, Gado Gado, Toscana serve great food but are not cheap.

On the end of my street Jalan Drupadi there is a little place that serves a very basic version of Padang style food. Padang is a city in Sumatra and is famous for its spicy food.

I hit this place every now and then not because I like the food that much but because its cheap. As the window says, you get rice and 2 choices for 3,000rp.

The guy that operates this place is named Rudy. He’s from Sumatra and can be found sitting here all day with his buddies chain smoking.




There’s a tv and they watch a selection of Indonesian comedy shows including one where 2 guys get a job in a hairdressing salon, pretending to be gay to enjoy closer contact with the ladies. Its all very Benny Hill and they love it.

The 2 choice thing is a bit limited firstly because there is not a huge selection and secondly because one has to be from the top row, the other from the bottom. The vegetable stuff is on the bottom. I went for a potato item instead of greens and paid 5,000rp altogether.

Among the good stuff is chicken, eggs, fish (whole) and tuna chunks. I picked a tuna to go with my potato cake.


Bowls of sauce are located on the bottom shelf and Rudy dunks your choice in it before placing in with your rice. I sometimes sit and watch the comedy if I feel like braving the cigarette smoke but tonight I jokingly asked for ‘nasi jalan jalan’…to go.

The walk from my house is 5 minutes and wrapped up in paper and a plastic bag the food stays hot. Actually the only hot item is the rice but everything is warm when I get it home.

11 thoughts on “Nasi campur stand in Seminyak Bali

  • Tracey.D.

    Nasi Bungkus!!!!
    That’s Take Away Rice….

    Typical Indo fashion….They lost some of our Visa documents!!! Ha Ha Ha, basically all we can do is laugh, getting upset & angry doesn’t help!
    Not sure what happens now, but no doubt it will be dragged out a few weeks or so longer!
    But the interview went well & they had a good chat about life in general etc instead!?
    Funniest thing is… Jkt e-mailed me to say they had received it all!!??
    Crazy, but you know, just laugh as I guess it was to be expected…in one way or another something would not run smoothly!?

    Thanks Heaps Bazza!!!
    We got 32 degrees today, I Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for sending us some warmth!
    Have a great day & catch ya little bit later on!!
    By the way great read Nick….!

  • Nick

    Tracey, that’s too bad about the paperwork. Maybe Gede should of them ‘a little something’ and they might find it in hurry.

    Don’t worry it will straighten out.

  • Tracey.D.

    I doubt a little something would fix it!
    So exasperating! I can’t believe how much stuff is required & then they lose it!
    I hope it does sort itself out quickly!!!
    Have a great weekend, I am going soon, catch you on Monday….

  • Barrie

    G’Day Nick,

    Nasi Padang…Yummeee!. My favourite food and I practically lived on the stuff in Yogya.

    The ‘potato stuff’ is called Perkedel. Basically it’s a spicy ground meat mixed with potato. The various sauces are unreal but my favourite is the dark brown one. Looks like shit but tastes yummy.

    Next time you go there, try some of the salted fish with sambal.

  • Nick

    Went to Warung Nikmat today in Kuta. Masakan Jawa is just way better. I had a chunk of tuna, anchovies with peanuts, greens with chili and rice for 5,500rp.

  • Bob

    You guys are killin’ me over here!
    Nasi padang..ikan bumbu bali..maaaan,
    and here I am, looking at my pathetic
    double cheeseburger & fries for lunch.
    So unfair..

  • Josh Grillo


    Western food just doesn’t have the punch of the Indonesian cusine. God, I miss the nasi campur, nasi uduk and pecel ayam. Nick, make sure you get over to Java, so you can try some Nasi uduk. I think it’s hard to find in Bali.


  • Juliana

    Hi Nick,

    My tummy are cryin’ out here…
    I miss my mum cooking, nasi padang wow! Nasi bungkus would be benisimo!!!

    Tracey, I wish you and gede good luck, you’ve done the right thing, better lough than angry and upset. I had the same problem when I’m getting my student Visa.

    Josh, nasi uduk is very easy to find in Bali, Denpasar is the spot and some might you can find in Tuban close to the airport,I’m sure there is somewhere in Seminyak too, i’ll check it out.

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