Joger in Tuban Bali

jogerJoger is a shop on Jl. Raya Tuban, that is popular with Indonesian tourists. Ika told me in the past her school group from Semarang bought t-shirts from this shop. For westerners, Joger doesn’t mean anything, we’re oriented toward Nike, Adidas, Billabong and Quiksilver. Ika told me that Joger is a specialty t-shirt shop, famous for its slogans. Outside the shop, is a big sign saying ‘Pabrik kata-kata‘ (we have a factory of words). I parked across the busy street, which is lined with Javanese and other Indonesian food places. Inside Joger domestic tourists were funneled through the shop in prescribed direction. Joger sells Balinese handicrafts, t-shirts, bags, hats and other small gifts.

The prices are not cheap for locals, with a long sleeve t-shirt going for 119,000rp, a regular t-shirt 70,000rp, a ladies colored bag 75,000rp, small day-pack for 150,000rp.

Ika told me many Indonesian cities have their own version of Joger, with the clothing expressing something about the local culture. She said the quality of the stuff is quite good. Just shows you the power of marketing. Visitors to Bali will pay $20 for a Beef-T stamped with the name of a famous surf company. The funny thing is, here in Bali, most of the stuff come from the same factory. I can go from one brand shop to another and see the same shirts, with different tags!




Anyway, Joger is a famous brand in Indonesia, and if you show up in Java wearing one of their t-shirts, locals will make that connection with Bali.

Joger is open from 11am – 6pm daily.


Jl. Raya Tuban

2 thoughts on “Joger in Tuban Bali

  • Agus A. S.

    Ada pengalaman tidak enak tanggal 30 Desember 2007 ketika berkunjung ke Joger. Waktu masuk saya tanyakan apa saya perlu menitipkan barang (kamera) dalam tas kresek. Penjaga titipan mengatakan tidak perlu.
    Di pintu keluar, saya sedikit mundur memberikan uang dari istri sayakepada teman yang sedang antre di kasir. Apa lacur, dengan garang dua orang penjaga melarang saya masuk katanya karena saya membawa tas plastik (katanya Tas plastik DILARANG dibawa masuk). Saya bilang sudah sejam saya di dalam dan saya sudah bertanya ketika masuk. Mereka tetap pasang tampang garang. Lho, saya ini cuma mau memberikan uang kepada teman yang dititipi istri saya membayar di kasir. Joger koq begitu unik!

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