Indonesian Food in Denpasar

fried food in denpasarOn the way to the Bali Museum today, I made a stop at warung in Denpasar. The road to the museum, Jl. Teuku Umar has many places to choose from and I chose Kedai (warung) Nasi Uduk. This warung had a very small menu, a few locals dining inside and on the few tables outside. The waitress invited me to choose items from a tray behind a glass screen, which would be deep fried and served with rice. I chose ayam (chicken) and udang (prawn), together with lalapan (raw vegetables) and a teh panas tanpa gula (hot tea without sugar).

The food took 5 minutes to arrive and the waitress placed a candle on my table to keep the flies away. This is jackfruit season, so there are flies everywhere. The meal came with a small dish of peanut sauce, and I applied kecap manis (thick, sweet, soy sauce) to the rice, along with a spoonful of hot sambal. The result was pretty good and the price 24,000rp. Cutlery was not a feature in this meal and I applied some of the technique shown to me by Ika, using my thumb and 3 fingers, to squeeze a small pyramid of rice together, and scoop it into my mouth.

Outside a woman and young kid held out their hands for money. I gave the kid 1,000rp and he trotted off without changing expression. The good thing about the food places in Denpasar, is you are getting food from all over Indonesia.