Jimbaran Restaurants

Seafood Tucker down out Jimbaran Bay

Whenever I get a chance to get over to the island of Bali there are a few favourite places that I generally visit in the first few days to imbibe in some excellent cuisine. Kafe Batan Waru is one of them and so is Plengkung, both in Tuban. However, as […]

Shark Delicacies

For as long as I can remember on my travels I have never imbibed in seafood cuisine that contained shark meat of any kind. As a scuba diver and an environmentalist, I do have a very healthy respect for these beautiful creatures. There are those that don’t considering them the […]

Warung Nyoman: Jimbaran Bay Bali

Warung Nyoman, or Nyoman Cafe, whichever you prefer, is located at Muaya Beach at the southern end of Jimbaran Bay, close to the Four Season Hotel. Walking back along the beach from the Four Seasons, this is one of the first warungs you will come to. Of course they are […]

Warung Layar: Jimbaran Bay Bali

Warung Layar is located on the beach front, next to Villa Batu. When I visited in the morning, the 2 staff were still getting themselves organized, but Warung Layar does advertise breakfast, on its menu. One of the interesting aspect of this warung, is the collection of exotic carvings that […]

The Three-Legged Bali Dog

Many of you Bali travellers who have been going to the island for a while will still remember the days when dogs roamed the streets of the Kuta strip scavenging for scarps of food and demolishing offerings laid out in front of shops and houses.

Mega Resort Complex: Jimbaran, Bali

Late last year I was down on the Bukit Peninsula with some Balinese friends of mine having a look around. I was eager to check out Pura Uluwatu to see if any changes had occurred as I had not been there for a while.

Jimbaran Bay: Grilled fish on the beach

Tuesday night Chris, Anil, Pria and I went down to Jimbaran to eat fish on the beach. The beach at Kedonganan is loaded with places that all have the same formula, you choose what fish you want from the tanks and boxes, sit at a table on the sand and […]