Photo of the Day: Baskets, Pasar Ubud

mini-mini-picture-209If you are like me and leave everything around and not in its right place, then you definitely need some kind of storage. Candika is forever on my back about being so untidy. She suggested colourful baskets. Great idea! If you go to any of the markets in Bali you could most probably pick up a decent enough handmade baskets for a good price but, my recommendation is to go to the Pasar Ubud. This is without a doubt one of the most colourful markets on the island with a potpourri of handicrafts for sale. It’s a great market to wander around. Arrive there early in the morning if you can to enjoy all the market banter. Of course you could go to Sukawati but the choice and quality range available in Ubud is brilliant and, at a good price but make sure you bargain.






2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Baskets, Pasar Ubud

  • Hippiechick

    It is 6 April and still this story appears as photo of the day. Maybe it should be titled photo of the week or even photo of the month, we will see I guestt. This site is fast becoming redundant due to old material and a blog that consists of people “flogging” their own interests.

  • Mike

    I followed the blog for a while and just came back to it recently and the site looks and feels very much less like a blog.

    Quite disappointing.

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