Paragliding in Bali

mini-baliHaving done it a couple of times in New Zealand, you can take my word for it when I tell you gliding through the air on wind currents whilst delighting in the stunning views from ‘up there’ is one heck of a thrill. It is totally different to skydiving where the thrill is in the first rush when you jump from the plane. A paraglider is one simple wing in every sense of the word and it is designed as such that the same aerodynamic principles as a conventional aircraft are used. By using the upward flowing air streams you will find just how easy it is to attain substantial heights and travel great distances. If you desire for adventure is in the skies and you want to soar like the birds then there is a great company in Bali that can fulfil your lust for thrills. Exofly has been operating in Bali for the last 14 years and has an excellent reputation.

If you have never imbibed in paragliding before and are a tad concerned then Exofly will ease those worries. As their website explains ‘Experience is not necessary as our highly professional and well experienced instructors can take you on a tandem flight leaving you free to enjoy the captivating scenery of coral reefs and green lagoon waters below.’

Exofly is open from April 15th through until November 30th.

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Other contact info:

Technical Director/Flight Instructor:
Phone: (intl code +62) 811393919
Fax: (intl code + 62) 361-730811

Training Center:
Timbis Beach Training Facility
Timbis Beach, Bali


Booking Inquiries:
Tel: (intl code + 62) 811393919

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6 thoughts on “Paragliding in Bali

  • villas bali

    I have never done skydiving in my life. But I am really curious and excited to do it. As there is so much of fun and adventure in that. It’s really fun to have such an experience.

  • Terry Leeder

    Bali Tubing & Canyon Adventures including P.T Bail Quad Discovery Tours
    operating in Payangan Bali – DON’T BOTHER TO GO – Totally disorganised operation – waited for 2 hours for Tubes – as they didn’t have enough (even though we booked the day before) 10 of us were
    finally given our Money back after heated conversations. Poor quality machinery Definately not up to the CE Standard they claim. TOTAL WASTE OF 4 HOURS TRAVEL AND 2 HOURS WAITNG
    JANUARY , 2010.

  • Marc

    Its definitely on my todo list! Ive been paragliding for a while now, so its time to start exploring new horizons. Bali is about the best value for Aussies. Hope to see you there soon.

  • ferienhaus costa brava

    Reliable and flexible information is shared by post .I like adventure so much and have a desire to do Paragliding.Thanks for sharing information During my Bali trip at summer season i definitely do paragliding there.i like the post.

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