COMO Shambhala Estate: A unique retreat in Ubud Bali

Looking around online I came across a unique place called COMO Shambhala Estate (CSE) at Begawan Giri. Located close to Ubud, offers a peaceful, relaxing way to balance your body, mind and spirit.

The philosophy of CSE is as follows:

COMO Shambhala is committed to helping individuals find a sense of peace through a continuous process of learning and rebalancing, aided by special environments, specific knowledge and healing therapies.

The company believes in a consultative rather than prescriptive approach, allowing us to respond to guests on a one-by-one, day-by-day basis. Staff are both experienced and passionate.




Treatments distill the best of ancient Asian traditions and, where appropriate, older techniques are combined with western advances. Bodywork is an essential element of the experience, with special week-long yoga Retreats held regularly at select properties.

A stay at CSE means relaxation, peace and quiet, healthy eating and a variety of exercise, including, hiking, biking, yoga and rowing. At $300 a day it isn’t cheap, but if you’ve got what is takes you might enjoy a stay in this peaceful retreat.


7 thoughts on “COMO Shambhala Estate: A unique retreat in Ubud Bali

  • jonathan

    Looks like a real nice place and concept; for those with the money why not. Glad to see some millionaires have style. Hope this sort of business flourishes in Bali. It’s a great naturopathic destination with all the treatments etc. Organic and ecologically sound. Shame we have to use fossil fuels to get to it. Hey did you see recent comments from founders of Lonely Planet and Rough guide re:travel?

  • Nick

    Thanks Jonathan,

    I’m with you, it sucks how much pollution we make. All of us are polluters, like it or not.

    Realistically nothing will change until either some things are made illegal, or if new technology comes along that is financially beneficial or very convenient for the user.

    Forget about making a clean SUV in Indonesia if it cost more than regular one and is a pain to refuel. No one will buy it.

    I don’t blame RG or LP. I heard Tony W speak 2 years ago and someone asked him about the effects of tourism, good / bad. He was positive about it, but in any case we have to admit we are in a fast changing world. Its not the change that’s bad, but the way we change.

  • duck

    300 US bucks a day?? Ummmmm….what is the average MONTHLY wage in Bali (for locals that is)?

  • Kim

    I read Bali Blog everyday and usually enjoy your sites .I was disappointed to read the surf article on rental making the suggestion people rent from the surfshops eg. Palu in Poppies instead of the locals on the beach .I am married to a Balinese and have 2 sons ,my husband is in Bali for a short trip for family reasons .The balinese on the beach ,eg. board rental are getting hardly any buisness now with western surf rentals in shops and the hotels .My husband has been spending his days helping friends and buying food on the beach for some of the rental guys who are not making enough to feed themselves let alone if they have a wife and child .Bali is their life and westerners should not try to cut into their livelihood .I have been married for 12 years ,and we have tried all those years to help family and friends .Two bombings ,you must understand what this has done to tourists ,so now they need all the help they can get .So please any one reading this help the little guy on the beach ,you just might be feeding a whole family .To have a Bali Family is the best gift I have received ,they are such special people .
    Kim Byron Bay

  • duck

    Personally I find the beach touts to be really irritating, no matter what it is they are selling or renting or offering to massage.

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