Accommodation on Poppies Lane I Kuta Bali

Poppies Lane I is one of the main accommodation streets in Kuta. Along with Poppies Lane II just to the north, this area is lined with budget hotels and guesthouses. Most of them are simple and cheap places that can’t be booked in advance online. This usually isn’t a problem since most of these cheaper places operate mostly on a walk-up business. During peak times and especially if you arrive late in the day during a peak holiday time you might be scrambling to find a place you like. Not surprisingly, the better places tend to fill up first, so when the city is crowded you’ll be left choosing among the less desirable places, and that might even be some work.

You might consider booking at least your first night at one of the hotels that does online reservations. With this strategy you’ll be able to go straight there and put your bags away, and then you’ll have nearly 24 hours to find an ideal place starting the next night. Or you might prefer to stay in the place you booked.

To find a hotel online check our main hotels in Bali page and use the search function at the top.

For more places to stay one block to the north see our Poppies Lane II accommodation page.

Here is a rundown of the hotels and guesthouses on Poppies Lane I:

MahendraMahendra (0361) 752371
Banjar Pengabeten
Poppies I

Located in the gang between Poppies I & II next to Surf Travel Online. The 22 rooms are on 2 levels and come with fan that is the plug in variety.

The rooms are very basic with white tile floors and small balcony. The rooms are located around a small ‘bale’ or open sided roof and garden.

Western toilet, shower.

Breakfast is included and there is a small restaurant and shop.

1 Person 25,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 30,000rp 1 Night
1 Person 10% discount 1 Week
2 Person 10% discount 1 Week

There are slightly nicer rooms for 5,000rp more per night.

PuriPuri Agung (0361) 750054
Poppies I

Located on the small gang between Poppies I & II opposite Bungalows Taman Ayu.

Elegant little entrance to this place. There’s a tree in the center of the small courtyard and the reception is off to the left. There are 12 rooms that are 2-storey with shady porches and chairs.

The rooms were simple, shady and clean I’d stay here.

A guest from the UK told me this place was “Totally chill, cheap as, and the owner is trustworthy.”

No breakfast only hot tea served in the morning.

1 Person 25,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 40,000rp 1 Night
1 Person No discount 1 Week
2 Person No discount 1 Week

Taman AyuBungalows Taman Ayu (0361) 751855
Poppies I

Located on the small gang between Poppies I & II opposite Puri Agung. This place has a bright and airy feel with pink and white floor tiles and not too much to obstruct the sunshine. The 10 rooms are on 2 levels and there is a large central ‘bale’ shelter. Rooms come with fan and shower.

Rooms are very clean and have small table and 2 chairs outside on the porch.

No breakfast is served only hot tea.

Western toilet, shower.

A tourist from Europe told me this place is good because of the low fixed price and the cleanliness. He told me he stays for 2 months every year.

1 Person 30,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 50,000rp 1 Night
3 Person 60,000 1 Night
1 Person No discount 1 Week

51 Lima51 Lima Satu (0361 754944)
Poppies I

Located on a perpendicular street to Poppies I that is down from Taman Ayu, around the corner from TJ’s Mexican..

The 11 rooms are on 3 levels, with a pool.

There is not a restaurant on the premises but breakfast is included.

Rooms are large and clean with bath- tub, fridge and porch with table & chairs. The rooms look comfortable. The porch area was shady at noon- time.

All rooms have A/C and hot water.

The rectangular pool is 10 meters long and has reclining chairs.

On the property is a Japanese run ‘healing salon’ featuring aromatherapy, reflexology and energy healing.

1 Person 100,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 150,000rp 1 Night
1-2 Person No discount 1 Week

PoppiesPoppies Cottages (0361) 751059
Poppies I

Located across from Komala Indah and 20 meters from TJ’s Mexican restaurant.

Lovely cottages with traditional alang-alang / bamboo roofs. The gardens are well kept and relaxing to walk through and have a traditional ‘bale’ shelter with a gamelan orchestra set.

The swimming pool is in tropical style, shaped with rocks and also has a jacuzzi.

There is an internet facility and room service.

All cottages have A/C & fan. There is no breakfast only fried bananas and tea.

There is a small library and restaurant.

The rooms are very clean and comfortable and come equipped with an open-air bathroom. The beds looked comfortable and the floor tiles were a relaxing light brown.

Writing desk, fridge, porch and chairs were included.

This is a beautiful place but a little expensive.




Single $80 1 Night
Double / Twin $85 1 Night
Extra $15 1 Night
No discount 1 Week

KomalaKomala Indah (0361) 751422
Poppies I #20

Located opposite to Poppies Cottages and 20 meters closer to Jl. Legian than TJ’s Mexican restaurant.

There are 8 rooms on one level all with fan and cold shower. Tea and bananas for breakfast.

The rooms are set in a family style compound and the family still lives here. There are a couple of centrally located ‘bales’ or open sided shelters and the whole thing feels very traditional. There is a temple on site too.

A white tiled piled and bamboo porch furniture is the first aspect of the room a visitor sees.

The family keeps birds in cages and this place is very reminiscent of losmans in Ubud.

Rooms were simple and clean and come with bathtub.

I talked to a traveler who has been here for 12 days. He said he liked the friendly staff and the cleanliness of the place. He said there is always a man on the door at night and plenty of relatives around offering transport options. He said he’d stay here again.

1 Person 40,000rp 1 Night
2 Person 60,000rp 1 Night
1 Person 280,000 1 Week
2 Person 420,000 1 Week

LA InnLA Inn (0361) 750616
Agung Art Market, Poppies I

Located opposite Bali Jegeg Bar in the small gang that runs perpendicular.

19 rooms with fan or A/C, some rooms get breakfast!

Very basic white tiled rooms with shower and toilet. There is a gravel walkway between the rooms that feels very cheap and primitive.

Single chair outside each room, no view with rooms facing each other.

Room cleanliness was average. It’s not a place you’d feel like spending time in. No atmosphere or a place to relax.

Western toilet, shower.

Here’s a selection of the mind-boggling rates.

Double A/C 100,000 1 Night
Twin A/C 100,000 1 Night

Double Fan 70,000 1 Night
Twin Fan 90,000 1 Night
Single Fan 60,000 1 Night

Double New Fan 80,000 1 Night
Twin New Fan 80,000 1 Night

Single Fan 350,000 1 Week
Single Fan w/Breakfast 420,000 1 Week

AP InnAP Inn (0361 765662)
Poppies I

Located behind Kubuku restaurant and close to the Secret Garden restaurant.

40 rooms on 2 levels. The room types are Twin, Double, Fan, A/C

There is a nice swimming pool with bar and restaurant. Guests receive a welcome drink on arrival.

Hot and cold water and breakfast included.

The rooms and top landing have shiny brown floor tiles that look new. The hotel has a natural roof. The rooms are simple but clean and comfortable with shared balcony that is breezy. The rooms have a traditional carved door and frame.

There is a security post in the parking area and a beauty salon, money changer and tourist service are located next door.

A pleasant place to relax.

Double A/C 150,000 1 Night
Double Fan 100,000 1 Night
Twin A/C 175,000 1 Night
Twin Fan 125,000 1 Night

Fat Yogi Fat Yogi’s Cottages (0361) 751665
Poppies I

Located down the street from La Walon Bungalows.
26 rooms on 2 levels with a choice of A/C or fan. Has very clean looking pool but the reclining chairs look worn.

The rooms are quite large but look old and in need of renovation. The bed looked comfortable and the room was average on cleanliness.

The porch area has rattan and bamboo furniture.

American breakfast included.

Fat Yogi’s restaurant out front is cool however and serves decent food.

A/C 1 Person 130,000 1 Night
A/C 2 Person 150,000 1 Night
Fan 1 Person 50,000 1 Night
Fan 2 Person 70,000 1 Night
Smaller with Fan 1 Person 30,000 1 Night
Smaller with Fan 2 Person 50,000 1 Night
Smaller with Fan 1 Person No Discount 1 Week
Smaller with Fan 2 Person No Discount 1 Week

La WalonLa Walon Bungalows (0361 ) 757234
Poppies I

Located down from Fat Yogi and across from Kubuku restaurant.
There is a parking area in front with reception. Rooms are on 3 levels and there is a pool.

The pool looks clean but the pool furniture looks a bit old.

Cottages are simple with bamboo furniture, brown tile floor and tile roof. The rooms in the 3-storey block have a white tiled floor and are quite clean.

Breakfast is included.

In between the cottages are some ponds with nasty looking water.


I talked to one tourist who said the rooms were good, the pool is big and the rooms are clean. She also said the staff are friendly.

Fan 1 Person 110,000 1 Night
A/C 1 Person 140,000 1 Night
Fan 2 Person 120,000 1 Night
A/C 2 Person 160,000 1 Night
No Discount 1 Week

Masa InnMasa Inn (0361) 758507
Poppies I/27

Located 30 meters from La Walon and across the street from Sari Indah market.

82 rooms on 2-levels, 2 swimming pools and breakfast restaurant. Tiled roof.

Rooms are large and have hot water, bathtub. The bed is quality and there is also a fridge. I thought the rooms were very clean and with the white tiled floor and the porch area was sunny and feature table and chairs.

Renovations are going on in the center of the property. The rear swimming pool has a large flat grassy area that is good for sunbathing. There is a bar next to the pool (not a ‘pool-bar’ though ).

The reception area is right on the street and there is a traditional stone entrance way.

A/C Family (4) 300,000 1 Night
A/C Triple 240,000 1 Night
A/C Double 180,000 1 Night
A/C Single 150,000 1 Night
Fan Double 135,000 1 Night
Fan Single 115,000 1 Night

DianaDiana House
Poppies I

Located across from Jazz Inn.

6 rooms which are very basic and come in 2 sizes. Very basic bathroom and porch. All furniture is bamboo.

Reception area and central area are shabby. Rooms need renovation.

Breakfast not included. This place is good for someone on a strict budget.

Large room 1 Person 40,000 1 Night
Large room 1 Person 50,000 1 Night
Small room 1 Person 210,000 1 Week
Large room 1 Person 280,000 1 Week
Small room 2 Person 280,000 1 Week
Large room 2 Person 350,000 1 Week

AyuAyu Beach Inn (0361) 752091
Poppies I

Located opposite Laundry Services.

30 or so rooms mostly on single level with a few on 2nd floor. Shady lobby behind long narrow driveway and parking area.

There is a vast array of prices depending on room size, A/C or fan, hot or cold water etc.

Rooms come with bathtub, are clean with whitish tile floor and have a porch with table and chair.

The garden that leads to the rooms has plenty of shady trees and bushes. There is also and internet-service.

There are 2 swimming pools and a restaurant that serves breakfast ( which is included ) and lunch.

I talked to 2 European travelers who said the hotel was good value with a central location, “The best you can find around here for the money.” I asked if there was anything that wasn’t good and they said the hand held shower wasn’t too good and the breakfast didn’t offer much.

Single 70,000-125,000 1 Night
Double 80,000-150,000 1 Night
Triple 100,000-200,000 1 Night

KedinsKedin’s Inn
Poppies I

Located next to Tree House restaurant and across from R.Z bookshop.

25 rooms on 1 level. Front parking area with reception. Basic rooms with white tile floor. Rooms are clean with simple shower, porch with rattan furniture, nothing fancy though.

The porch area is fairly relaxing as it is shady and away from the street.

All rooms have fan.

I talked to a guest from Australia who had been back many times. He said he liked Kedin’s Inn because it was cheap and close to the beach. The low point is that sometimes other guests walk past late at night making a lot of noise. Breakfast is simple but okay.

1 Person 40,000 1 Night
2 Person 50,000 1 Night
1 Person 280,000 1 Week
2 Person 350,000 1 Week

KutaKuta Puri Bungalows (0361) 752585)
Poppies I

Located 50 meters from the beach road ( Jl. Pantai Kuta ).

39 rooms with cottages on 2 levels and bungalows on 1 level.

Rooms are clean and comfortable with good bed and come with fridge. The bathroom is open-air but looks very bare with the plain cement walls.

The porch area is shady and good for reading.

On the 2nd floor there are hallway lockers available.
Bungalows are larger with a carved doorway.

Construction is in progress on a 2 level block right now.

The grounds are large and well kept with swimming pool. The restaurant is located at the front next to Poppies I and has a large traditional bamboo / alang alang roof. I had lunch of grilled snapper for 17,000rp and it was good.

The restaurant is a relaxing place to be and the staff are very polite and friendly.

Breakfast is included.

Massage is available. There is a tour and transport office located at the front of the hotel.

A/C Hot water Bungalow Double $45 1 Night
A/C Hot water Bungalow Single $40 1 Night
A/C Hot water Cottage Double $35 1 Night
A/C Hot water Cottage Single $30 1 Night
A/C Hot water Extra bed $10 1 Night
Fan Hot water Bungalow Double $28 1 Night
Fan Hot water Bungalow Single $24 1 Night
Fan Hot water Bungalow Extra bed $8 1 Night
Fan Cold water Cottage I Double $20 1 Night
Fan Cold water Cottage I Single $17 1 Night
Fan Cold water Cottage II Double $18 1 Night
Fan Cold water Cottage II Single $15 1 Night
Fan Cold water Extra bed $7 1 Night

35 thoughts on “Accommodation on Poppies Lane I Kuta Bali

  • Gary

    I want to come to Bali from 15th to 22nd October. Good time to get out of Bangkok. I’d like a gay friendly hotel, nice but not too expensive, Fat Yogi’s maybe. Poppies looks promising. I’d like to meet a sweet cute young Bali bottom boy to share my trip. I’m 57 but still very good-looking and in I’m in great shape. 57, 187, 79, brown hair, hazel eyes, American living in Bangkok..

  • Nick

    Gary, good luck finding friends. alinese are very friendly so mabye you’ll get lucky.

    Fat Yogi’s isn’t that nice, I’d go somewhere else. THere are some newer, nicer places on Poppies I & II.

    Q Bar in Seminyak might be a place for you at night.

  • Julia

    Going to bali in Dec. Looking for a nice clean A/C room for 3 to share with budget of US$20 per nite with bf. Also, which club will be best to party for new year’s eve? I like hip hop & R&B music….

  • Nick


    For $20 per night you’ll be able to find an AC room in the Poppies Lane area. $20 roughly equates to 170,000rp. 51 LimaSatu might work for you.

    Double Six nightclub will be bust on New Years. There’s a local publication called THe Beat Magazine that focuses on nightlife and will detauil your choices. There are a lot of nightclubs I’ve never been to.

  • Alex

    I’m looking for a place in Kuta that’s got a good backpacker/hostel vibe. Price range is $10 – $20 USD. Any suggestions? I’ve seen the adverts online, but nothing really about the types of people that stay their. Ideal would be 20-35 year old crowd, bar on premises…Oh, and lots of girls of course.

  • Lanny

    Wow, a great website! Very informative.
    I’ve booked 4 nights to stay on November at Masa Inn. I’m a bit worried with the renovation. Would it be noisy?

  • Nick

    Alex, most of the backapacker type places go for 30,000rp – 50,000rp. Most folks on that kind of long trip don’t spend $10-$20 per night.

    If you want a place in the middle of the action check out some of the places mentioned on Poppies II in Kuta. This area attracts a lot of the type of people you desecribe and at night many people gather at the front of certain guest houses for drinking and music.

    Hotel Barong might be another place that fits the bill ( also on Poppies II ).

    Lanny, the Masa Inn is a decent place and it did not seem noisy when I was there.

  • Joe

    I’ve stayed at Poppies. It’s VERY conservative and ‘upper crust’. I REALLY wouldn’t try it there. Good luck.

  • Steve

    Wow..small world.I think I’m that “Australian'(but really Kiwi but oft mixed up with our cousins) who gave the comments about Kedin Inn. I gave those same comments to an American with a clip-board in Aug or Sept this year sitting on my bungalow porch. Just chanced on this site and BINGO !

  • Pete_mate

    just sent my bootsnall application…..said i should butter you up……sounds a bit too friendly…….maybe you should read my application, get to know me a bit better…..then i’ll buy the lurpak.

    I’ll also send you a hugh pile of snow…..get my “drift”?

    Happy days…..

  • Janet

    Thhank you for accepting my application . Are you an Aussie perchance ? It’s great to see a web site for the budget traveller. My stories of Indo are largley political, and you’d hate to hear what I paid 20 yrs ago ! But it’ll be great to hear from other travellers on the road esp. what’s happened to some of my favorite people & places.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Nick

    We’d love to hear travel stories and opinion, that’s what makes for interesting conversations and is a great way to make us think about how we as tourists are affecting Bali.

  • Brian

    First of all-neat site, Nick.
    Stayed at Fat Yogi in June, last year-in one of their 4 ‘basic’rooms.2 bed, cold water and ratten walls..a fart in one room was a shared communal experience..but, hey, at 28000rp!!
    June this year, tried Ayu Beach and it was fine..poolside @60000rp..and friendlier. Jazz Inn opposite (say Hi, to Putou, for me.) and Bamboo (opp.FY’S)good places to eat/drink.
    Just booked 22-29th Dec. but Ayu Beach e-mail not working…(neither did their keyboards!) Can anyone help re- contact? Phoning could be an expensive option.

    Cheers, Brian (Mr Separtu!)

  • Amanda

    I am looking at going to Bali approx April 2004 – haven’t been since 1996 so I guess there will be heaps of changes – got my drinks spiked last trip so will be more careful this time!

    I am considering taking my 3 year old daughter with me – any suggestions of anywhere child friendly? Needs to be clean, pool, pref breakfast available and child minding availability?

    Don’t want to stay in a huge resort and have to pay $100 per night for the priviledge!

    Amy suggestions would be appreciated..

    what I’ve seen of the website so far – brilliant – keep up the good work.



  • Amanda

    I am looking at going to Bali approx April 2004 – haven’t been since 1996 so I guess there will be heaps of changes – got my drinks spiked last trip so will be more careful this time!

    I am considering taking my 3 year old daughter with me – any suggestions of anywhere child friendly? Needs to be clean, pool, pref breakfast available and child minding availability?

    Don’t want to stay in a huge resort and have to pay $100 per night for the priviledge!

    Amy suggestions would be appreciated..

    what I’ve seen of the website so far – brilliant – keep up the good work.



  • Tracey.D.

    I have replied to this in another section where you asked this question… Basically I’d look at Hotel Barong, Or Hotel Puri Tanah Lot, Great with kids & can arrange babysitting for you for a minimum expense.
    Have fun, your daughter will love it, there are many places you could stay tho….



  • arlene claire

    i have a ticket to fly to bali from canada on jan 10, and will be staying the max of 60 days. i am an eccentric middle aged woman who has travelled extensively in the third world. i will be arriviing at the denpasar airport at 2:30 am, and dont know where to go for the first few nights that would be easy to get to, and cheap. i prefer quiet places that dont attract too many tourists. any suggestions? i was so happy to finally after hours and hours of searching accomodations in bali come across your great website.

  • Sergei

    Nick, hi,

    Is it possible to contact inns in the Poppies area by e-mail? I’m Russian, and I need entry visa to enter Indonesia. In order to get it I have to receive a confirmation from the inn owner that he’ll be able to provide accomodation for me in the requested dates. I’ve already contacted Mahendra by phone. They’ve promised to do that, but nothing’s happened, and I cannot find a person I’ve talked to. The English of the staff is very poor((

    Another option for me is to obtain visa right after my arrival in Indonesia. Is there any risk that the request for visa will be rejected.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Nick


    Most local guest houses are run by an assortment of characters, who have never used a computer. They usually don’t take advance bookings, and I wouldn’t rely on any of them remembering you, even if you did make a booking.

    Here’s the website for Poppies Inn, on Poppies Lane II. They should be more responsive.

    You might also check out Barong and Bounty, 2 budget hotels on Poppies II that have their act together more than guest houses.

    You will get your VOA no worries. Just mke sure you have an ongoing ticket, US$25 in cash, at least 6 months left on your passport, with enough empty pages for stamps.

  • pacha

    Hi nick!

    great and helpful site… my husband and i are going to bali in july…. that is considered the peak period…. was wondering if that has any effect on the prices that you have given for the accomodation in poppies lane 1 and 2.. also if we are going there without bookings would there a problem to get rooms?

    thank you for your attention.

  • Clarence

    hi nick,

    was wondering if it’s still possible to find a cheap hotel around kuta area about 8 pm at night? my flight will be arriving around then. how packed are these hotels around the june/july period? thanks for your help.

  • beck

    hi nick,

    im going to bali around 23rd aug-25th aug.Ive heard is a peak period?…do u think d rate its gonna be increase a lot…all together 7 peoples in my group..we r rely rely rely in budget concern.cud u help us,plse?

  • Nita

    Hi Nick. I am going to Bali on the 17-20 Sept 2006 with 4 girlfriends. We’d like to stay in Kuta area (poppies?) and can you recommend us which is the most cozy with reasonable price hotel
    near the nitelife center, eg around Mbargo etc? Actually, we’d rather stay in one room for the 5 of us, maybe cottage or something like that? Pls help us…

  • TeresaYeo

    My family and I would be spending Chinese New Year in Bali next year (Feb 17 -20) and we plan to stay at Matahari Baungalows. Instead of paying USD 40 per person to watch dolphins, would you advise we rent a jeep and drive there ourselves? How much is entrance fee? How long for that trip? We have the driving licence to avoid trouble with police.

    Any fire crackers in Bali during Chinese New Year?

  • lesleyjane

    What a fantastic site: I searched & searched to find budget accomm without much luck, specifically i was looking for KEDIN’S INN in Poppies 1 – to see if it was still functioning and still budget accomm. According to your site, it’s still up & running – whew!!!:)

    I have stayed at KEDIN’S INN several times in past years (& also sent friends there who also liked it)and found the staff friendly, it’s cheap & basic but perfectly satisfactory (the rooms are a good size, tiled, a double bed + single bed in each room, fan, Balinese open roofed western shower & western toilet) & only 3 mins walk to Kuta Beach for the fantastic sunset (mind the rips if you are swimming there, also sudden monster waves, also sudden sand shifts, also watch your surfboards carefully, also you can say a definite no to the constant touting unless you really want a sandy massage or your hair braided!), only a dozen steps to the second storey of the relaxing Treetop Restaurant for a great fruit drink or balinese beer overlooking the palms; which is also a great place to chat safely with other friendly western travellers! πŸ™‚

    KEDIN’S is Good value overall – $7 a double! :).

    Nice shaded porch & garden setting outside each room with oldish rattan armchairs to relax in when returning from outings – AND a thermos of hot tea perpetually placed on porch table! :); nice banana pancake breakfasts included, too – yes! (altho there are several choices BUT u will get quickly addicted to those delicious balinese banana pancake breakfasts!):) Is child friendly, too.

    No pool but if u offer the pool boy on the corner of Poppies 1 & the Beach Road (opposite Kuta Beach) 5,000 rp & bring your own towel, he will let you swim in the pool at the corner hotel on R.H.S. – 3 mins away – BUT – don’t eat the roadside satay there – I got a nasty attack of Bali Belly from it – be warned! πŸ™‚

    Another alternative is to grab a taxi at the Kuta Beach corner for about 5,000 rp (remember to bargain before u get in!) & go to the JAYAKARTA Hotel (gorgeous tropical gardens, gamelon orchestra at night) which is on the beach at Legian (remembering to take your towel with you!!) they have several beautiful pools you can swim in for free – as long as you keep it low key that you are not actually staying there! πŸ™‚ Pool side restaurant serves hamburgers with the lot 24/7! πŸ™‚ And don’t pay big bucks to book for the Balinese Cultural Show because you can easily see it for free simply by being around the pool nearest the beach on a Wednesday evening! πŸ™‚

    There is a travel booking office on the left at the Jayakarta which has some really nice trips like sailing on an old ketch for the day or going to see the dolphins or swimming amongst the fish. (If u do something like swim with the fish so that yu & your travellers cheques are momentarily parted, check that they are still in your bags immediately upon hauling yourself into the boat again – I got caught & didn’t realize my travellers cheques had been stolen until i was back in my hotel & about to fly off to my next destination!)

    Outside the Jayakarta, on the opposite side of the road is a really really nice French restaurant Balinese style with the checked tablecloths, excellent food, sometimes music, too.

    Going the other way up Poppies 1, i.e. going back to Bemo Corner end, keep going right around Bemo Corner on same side of the street, right, to Made’s Warung with long wooden seats outside. Inside, enjoy the greatest fresh strawberry drink you will ever taste & the best fish baked in an aluminium foil wrap swimming in its’ own juices & some extras – yum! πŸ™‚

    If you turn left as you surface out of Poppies 1, instead of right, you will end up where all the action is along the main road, lots of shops, bars, bistros, restaurants, hangout places, etc.

    If you are a woman on your own – be careful & don’t chat with the Balinese men who approach you in the street as they – um – er see you as an -um – er ‘prospect’ i.e., unless, of course, you wish to have a holiday fling! πŸ™‚ And, if one of them should follow you into a restaurant & sit down at your table, he is expecting you to pay for him, etc. Don’t argue or escalate the issue but Immediately move to another table with obviously western tourists & ask them to help you & allow you to sit with them for a while. You could call the manager but are unlikely to receive any real help – especially the Balinese do not like to involve the police.

    Staying on the L.H.S. of this road, eventually you will come to a travel agents where you can book some really great trips such as to Tanah Lot, Lake Betubalan, the Monkey Forest, the very beautiful Botanical Gardens, etc, etc.

    One time, I flew to Lombok Airport, took a jeep ride through beautiful rice terraces & monkey laden forests to a black sandy beach on the other side of Lombok island, then took a motorized outrigger trip to the first Gili Island which has the GREATEST snorkelling – sighted big blue starfish, e.g.,(ask where to swim as there are sometimes shoals of jellyfish!) A losmen on stilts (with mandi bathing!) was $2 the night; feasted on freshly cooked fish caught outside the losmen; walked around the white beached island in half a day -luverly! πŸ™‚ Again, don’t allow the Balinese men to chat with or follow you as there are no police on the island & they seem to have the ‘prospect’ mentality! – not funny, actually.

    By the way, as you surface out of Ngurah Rai Airport (having changed some money before you leave it!), you will be hustled to take a taxi to Poppies 1. Go out of the airport instead & past all the hustling taxidrivers, look right up to the main road – not very far, walk to main road, stay on same side, wait for bus going to Bemo Corner left. The entrance to Poppies 1 is just before Bemo Corner on the R.H.S, it is a small darkish entrance so don’t miss it! πŸ™‚

    Remember to keep the piece of entrance paper they give you at the airport with your passport. We mislaid ours & after a lot of unpleasant hassles, ended up HAVING to pay $100 for a T shirt (in lieu of having the entrance paper) in order to exit the country on the midnight flight back to Oz! :)_

    Also, I have finally discovered some Catholic churches on the net! πŸ™‚ There is Denpasar Cathedral, Tuka Cathedral (next to the Protestant one at Negara in South west Bali) & a mixed faith complex at Nusa Dua.

    If you should wish to explore another side of Bali, there are about 23 orphanages all told, most are extremely poor – one i found had 20 kids in 1 room with 1 mattress! There is a Franciscan orphanage at Tuka & a high school boys one at Palisari. One of our Aussie expats called Gloria Goodwin founded the Bali Crisis Care Foundation at Kaliasem near Singaraja & has set up a free birth room for the Balinese mothers. Bali is full of contradictions – the beauty, the poverty but overall, compelling……

    eNJOY! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Mic! πŸ™‚

  • Vicky

    Hi Nick and everybody,

    Could you pls advise me if there is any budget hotel/guesthouse(or whatever is budget to stay at) on Poppies Lane I, that can pick me up at the airport? My flight is quite late in the evening and since I’ve never been to Bali before and I’m travelling on my own I don’t want to take a cab or bus…

    Anyways, if you assure me that a cab is safe for a blond girl…I’ll probably just take it.

    And one more qs: Do the places on Poppies Lane I require prior booking?…or I can just come there, pay and stay?

    Many thanks!

  • Chris

    hey guys first time visitor to this site
    been to bali once at an ‘aussie” hotel
    weher there were obnoxious aussie rugby players (who looked more like KFC eaters) swearing and and degrading the locals.
    anywasy i dont want to go to one of thes hotels again
    instead i would like to know where all the hot young european girls stay
    my mate reckons suka inn beach in poppies lane benasari road or something.
    but guys u know what boat im in
    any advice and stories or anything u heard would be of great assistance!

  • dobo

    hello:being in bali in may 08 anyone going the same time lets meet for a drink…i also know the best the bad and the beautiful of bali….can’t wait…

  • Nina

    Hi! Nick,

    How do I get to book a room at Masa Inn with the price stated on your web? Thanks in advance.

  • trevor blake

    Hi Nick,
    We stayed at Secret Garden Inn om a gang just off poppies 1 in June 2007.We found rooms clean,good beds,personal safe,yummy breakfasts included,staff who spoke good English and were both friendly and helpful.There were lots of restaurants with good food nearby and it was close to all the action.Price was 200000rph per double including breakfast.We will stay here again.
    regards Trevor

  • Peter

    Hi Nick
    We all stayed at the Secret Garden Inn just offf poppies 1 lovely location near everthing rooms were great had a safety deposit box in room plus wardrobes have keys to lock up.
    Breakfast was great and drinks cheap but i love the fridge as you can just put whatever in the fridge. The Staff were very friendly and helpful but Swimming Pool ideal also if your a sport fanatic there a 24hr Sports Bar right next to it which was handy, We will stay again there again Regards Peter

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